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Panchang is a Hindu almanac. This add-on calculates the five elements of panchang and other attributes like raasi etc and is a restart-less add-on. This add-on adds a palm leaves (Talapatra ) icon to the browser's add-on bar. You can move this icon to any part of the browser UI by invoking the "customize toolbar" dialog box and dragging icon to the required place. This add-on is available with "Mozilla Public License, version 1.1" source code license.

Panchang add-on version history.
Check out the add-on @ Mozilla Add-on store.

Screen shots of the add-on

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1 comment:

rajes said...

thanks.. but how should i make any comment regardingits usefulness coz i dun see any icon come that should come wth this addon (the leaf' one) in my toolbar layout option n my firefox bowser.. i want use it can i expect get some help