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Anonymous said...

your add-on is really very good. i want to suggest that please add "masa" and "paksha" to panchang information.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I do not see your calendar appear anywhere in my browser. I use Firefox 6.0.2. on Ubuntu 11.04 (natty).

Chenna Srinivas said...

The current version of the addon has issues with firefox versions greater than 4.0. I am working on fixing these issues. Soon you will see a better version of the addon.

Anonymous said...

"masa" and "paksha" to panchang information also jumping to date to see what is it(to find when is what)
& can we have a stanalone software for windows & linux please

Gopalakrishna Sharma said...

I am interested to know how you calculate the panchang of a day. Could you please let me know the details?

chenna srinivas said...

@Gopalakrishna Sharma you can download the browser plug-in and can checkout the code for yourself.